"Leaving your mark has to do with the past, and I think it’s worth trying to live in the now. Glamor in classical music is superficial in many ways, so I’m not particularly interested in that. I like playing with excellent, friendly musicians. That’s what it’s about for me at the end of the day. Conquering the world is not one of my priorities."
 A Trance: An Interview with Alina Ibragimova

"Now Alina's an established star who’s outsoared them all, with a diary that many performers twice her age would kill for... How has she risen so high in such a short time? Immense discipline, iron-clad technique and willingness to take risks are the qualities that truly single out Ibragimova from many other performers... Most important, though, is the super-charged feeling that courses through everything Ibragimova plays."
  Alina Ibragimova: "My heart is still Russian"

An interview with the Limelight Magazine whose June issue listed Alina in the 30 under 30.
  Alina Ibragimova: Getting the balance right

  Alina Ibragimova: from Russia with dedication

This article on The Guardian comes closest to how Alina expresses herself through music, and through life.
  Alina Ibragimova, THE GUARDIAN

Alina takes different tact on new recording of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64
  Alina's interview with Strings

A Profile/Interview with Muso Magazine from 2007, just as Ms. Ibragimova was graduating from the Royal College of Music.
  Muso Magazine Profile

Alina Ibragimova & Cédric Tiberghien plays Mozart's Sonata K. 296, filmed exclusively for A Fly On The Wall during recording sessions with Andrew Keener and Simon Eadon.

A video of Ms. Ibragimova performing the Saint-Saëns Concerto No. 3 second movement, with Ludovic Morlot and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Alina Ibragimova Oct.21,2005 Tokyo Japan アリーナ・イブラギモヴァ 2005.10.21 武蔵野市民文化会館

Alina leads the Academy of Ancient Music from in the violin in works by Biber, Bach and Vivaldi in a program that charts developments in the role of the violin as a solo instrument.

Audio of Ms. Ibragimova performing the Chaconne from J.S. Bach's Partita No. 2, BWV 1004.

Academy of Ancient Music players share their thoughts on rehearsals with Alina Ibragimova.

In July 2011, Alina Ibragimova collaborated with American film artists, The Brothers Quay, for an interactive journey through spaces in Manchester, at the Manchester International Festival, and in London, for the Barbican “Blaze” Festival.  In the performances, she played solo works by Bach, Biber, Bartok and Berio, in dialogue with evocative film art. In this video, she speaks about the project, and audience members share their reactions.