“I love it when the sound is messing with peoples’ expectations, especially when they expect to be more at a distance and the sound attacks them, and they’re in something that they don’t fully perceive or understand.”
BANFF | JACK Quartet: Reimagining Chamber Music From A To Jay

JACK Quartet's performance of Haas' String Quartet No. 3 was named one of the top 10 performances of 2016
Top 10 classical music events of 2016

JACK Quartet welcomes two new members into the Quartet and bid farewell to Streisfeld and MacFarland
Two JACK Quartet Founders to Depart

"And with their extensive work with Helmut Lachenmann I can’t think of another group better suited to the extended demands of Rădulescu’s string writing than JACK."
A review of JACK Quartet's disc, "Horațiu Rădulescu" (Mode Records 290) by David Olds in THE WHOLENOTE.

"The JACK Quartet’s latest release zeroes in on áltaVoz Composers, a consortium of Latin-American composers schooled in the United States. All are ferociously talented yet underrepresented, and with their voices filtered through the discerning lens of JACK and the New Focus Recordings label, the results are luring and delectable."
JACK Quartet Spotlights South American-born 'áltaVoz Composers'

A conversation with the JACK Quartet on performing Georg Friedrich Haas' String Quartet No. 3 in the dark.
Nothing to See - Just Hear

The JACK Quartet talks about their performances of "Physical Property" with Steven Mackey and "In the Dark" at Duke University.
The JACK Quartet plays "Physical Property" and "In the Dark" at Duke Performances

In this September 2, 2010 NEW YORK TIMES article, Anthony Tommasini profiles the group as they prepare for a New York City performance of Georg Friedrich Haas’s unusual String Quartet No. 3 (“In the Dark”).
“Four Guys Named JACK”, The New York Times, September 2, 2010.

JACK Quartet to explore connections between medieval, modern times in Fontana Chamber Arts show
JACK plays at Fontana Chamber Arts

Between their Winnipeg New Music Festival debut performance and the WNMF closing performance tonight, the JACK Quartet joined Simeon Rusnak in the Diamond Lane!
Derek Bermel: Intonations (2016), for string quartet I. Harmonica II. Hymn/Homily III. Hustle Performed by the JACK Quartet (Christopher Otto & Austin Wulliman, violins; John Pickford Richards, viola; Jay Campbell, cello) on Jan.
Lei Liang Serashi Fragments (2005) JACK Quartet Christopher Otto, violin Austin Wulliman, violin John Pickford Richards, viola Jay Campbell, cello Recorded live at Miller Theatre "Composer Portraits," Columbia University, New York, November 17, 2016 Lei Liang's music is published exclusively worldwide by Schott Music Corporation (ASCAP), New York.

JACK performs David Cowell's "The Open Road" for a sold-out audience at Montgomery Alabama's Clefworks Festival.

This is a live recording from the performance of the JACK Quartet organized by the University of Iowa String Quartet Residency Program and the Center for New Music. Austin Wulliman, violin Christopher Otto, violin Ari Streisfeld, violin John Pickford, viola Kevin McFarland, cello Jay Campbell, cello Volkan Orhon, double bass

Miller Theatre's signature Composer Portrait series expands, embracing a whole new sonic palette with works by and for dogs.

JACK performs Ercetin’s “December” for string quartet and electronics at CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Musical Acoustics) at Stanford University.

Curated by Alexander Moosbrugger and Marc Sabat with the generous support of Gerold and Katia Schneider and Almhof Schneider.

The Eastman School of Music welcomes a visit from the members of the JACK Quartet, who met while attending Eastman. "String Quartet No. 4" (2012) by Hans Abrahamsen "Buttonwood" (2010) by Gregory Spears (BM '99)