Read about Jeannette's musical journey, her interpretations of Bach and her collaboration with the New World Symphony.

  A cup of Bach with Jeannette Sorrell

  Early music specialist Jeannette Sorrell comes to New World

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Donald Rosenberg offers a preview of Jeannette's family-friendly production of The Magic Flute, speaking with her about the challenges and special pleasures of presenting Mozart’s beloved work.

  The Cleveland Plain Dealer: Bringing the magic of Mozart’s "The Magic Flute" to audiences of all ages

Jeannette Sorrell leads the Apollo's Fire Baroque Orchestra in Bach's famous Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 at Lake Erie College in Ohio.

Jeannette Sorrell leads the Magic Flute Overture with Apollo's Fire at Oberlin College.

Sorrell leads her own arrangement of Vivaldi’s “La Follia” from the harpsichord, in a live studio performance for WVIZ-PBS in Cleveland.

Music Director Jeannette Sorrell plays solo in Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, 1st Mvt with her Apollo's Fire Baroque Orchestra on tour at University of Illinois at Urbana.

Jeannette Sorrell leads Mozart's recitative "In un istante" and aria "Parto, m'affretto" from Lucio Silla at Oberlin College.

Excerpts from a 2010 Avie DVD of Handel’s Messiah, from Apollo’s Fire. In this video, Sorrell speaks about Handel, and the structure and text of his famous oratorio, intercut with footage of live Sorrell-led performance.

In this video, conductor JEANNETTE SORRELL leads Baroque orchestra, Apollo's Fire, in a performance of Mozart's Symphony No. 33, K.319 at Oberlin College.

Sorrell leads Vivaldi’s “L’Estate” from the Four Seasons, with Apollo’s Fire, in a live studio performance for WVIZ-PBS in Cleveland.

At the harpsichord, Sorrell performs J.J. Froberger's "Tombeau pour Blancroche".