“Fortin and [Masques] deliver this music for the aristocratic fireside with a beguiling lightness, focusing on the natural musical dialogue the composer sets up between the instruments. Instead of gentle human conversation, we have violin, gamba and bass exchanging pleasantries, neatly supported by Fortin on harpsichord or organ. This album of music hardly ever heard on this side of the Atlantic is a treat from beginning to end.“   - Rosenmüller CD review, Toronto Star, May 13, 2013

“Two of Rameau‘s “Concert en Sextuor“ pieces preceded the Oesterle on the program‘s first half. Both lovely and delicate - and both played with tremendous precision and great period sensibility - the pieces brought a great deal of gentle sameness to the beginning of the program, which made the Oesterle premiere quite a stunning departure... That level of energy and musical direction, as well as a dig-in-and-make-some-sound approach to the period instruments, continued throughout the program‘s second half.“   - Early Music Now, JOURNAL SENTINEL, February 17, 2013

"The tone of the instruments is clear, beautifully tuned and balanced...All of the selections are worth hearing, with Nicolai's sonata for three violas da gamba standing out as something I could listen to every day, especially its tragically gorgeous ciacona final movement, for a long time and not tire of hearing again. We sincerely hope that Masques returns to Washington soon."   - Biber and His Contemporaries CD, Charles T. Downey for IonArts, March 31, 2010

"Ensemble Masques is stylishly led from the harpsichord by Olivier Fortin. The violinists, Sophie Gent and Chloe Meyers, are likewise elegant players - the former a little brighter and brasher, the latter a little suaver and silkier, yet not so different as ever to sound incompatible when playing in consort...The program was a tightly-designed and obviously well-honed one."   - Biber and His Contemporaries, San Francisco Early Music, San Francisco Classical Voice, March 17, 2007