"He introduced each piece invitingly with explanations that didn't spoil your own discovery. John Adam's Son of Chamber Symphony, for one, combines the skipping rhythm of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 with modern funk. Knowing that made you appreciate how the composer had fused those elements to create his own distinctive idea with no debts to the antecedents." 
- David Patrick Stearns, THE INQUIRER, October 31, 2016

In his position as the newly appointed Music Director of Orchestra 2001, Maestro Jayce Ogren opened their season last month with the Philadelphia premiere of Sebastian Currier's Bodymusic.  This piece for 15 players and electronics sets the tone of contemporary and mixed media music that make up the programs for the rest of the season.

In-between concerts and touring with Orchestra 2001, Jayce leads the music for Casa de Musica's screening of Charlie Chapin's "City Lights", in Portugal in February, returns to his alma mater St. Olaf College to lead the St. Olaf Orchestra, conducts and records Harold Meltzer's Variations On a Summer Dayfor Nine Instruments and Mezzo-Soprano at National Sawdust in March, then travels to Europe to lead Rufus Wainwright's Prima Donna with the Philharmonie de Paris in June.

An award-winning athlete, Jayce runs the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20 (as will JACK Quartet's Austin Wulliman).